What the Flood?


Flood insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance policies in the industry. Several years ago, a friend of the family, was struck by tragedy. A small flood inundated his newly purchased home. As small as the flood may have been, the bill was not. The flood caused more than $80,000 in damages to his home. Luckily, he carried a flood insurance policy to cover the damages, but the stress was the largest burden. For this very reason, it is important to find a reliable insurance agency to help with the stress that follows making insurance claims.  

 In Florida, we have the luxury of dealing with hurricanes and other severe storm threats. According to the Sun Sentinel, “Nine days after Hurricane Irma hit our state, policyholders have filed 496,532 insurance claims worth an estimated $3.1 billion.” Do you have flood insurance? Do you know if you live in a flood zone? Several Floridians that are required to obtain flood insurance by their mortgage companies due to living in a certain hazard zone do not even carry the proper insurance. The simple fact they are missing the vital insurance to cover their claims made it challenging to recoup any monetary loss.

What if you do not live in a Flood Hazard Zone? Do you need flood insurance? The simple answer is no; Flood insurance is not required by your lender. Although you are not required to carry a flood policy that does not mean you should not. What would happened if my friend hadn’t chose to carry the flood insurance? A typical homeowner’s policy does not cover flood insurance that generates outside your home. My opinion, flood insurance in Florida is vital to the protection of your home or business. A typical flood insurance policy averages about $58 a month and it is well worth it. Give us a call today for a free quote!